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Tuesday Habs Links: Gionta thinks Plekanec or Moen should be captain

Your daily open thread and link dump, including talk from the former captain, Carey Price receiving some love, Desharnais' specialty, and more.

Richard Wolowicz

Montreal Canadiens Links

  • Former captain Brian Gionta was asked about the current Canadiens captain vacancy. He made two suggestions, one being workhorse Tomas Plekanec, the other was Travis Moen. [TVA] (French)
  • Bob McKenzie joined the morning crew at TSN 690 to talk about the upcoming season. He thinks the Habs are Canada's only decent team, which shouldn't surprise anyone since it's true. He also opined that the Price will help fill the leadership void left by Gorges and Gionta's departure.  [TSN 690]
  • Carey Price was ranked as the third best goalie in the league by the folks over at Henrik Lundqvist was atop the list, followed by Tuukka "please not the Habs again!" Rask. [NHL]
  • Another member of the Canadiens graced the NHL's top 14 lists, this time it was David Desharnais who found himself among the best shootout performers in the game. [NHL]
  • If the Habs released their rookie camp invitees list I would link it here, but they haven't. As we wait for the news remember that the camp will start this upcoming Saturday, and run until the 16th of September. [Bell Sports Complex]
  • Did you forget to read Tomas Plekanec's season review? If so, that's terrible. You know that Plekanec would read your review, so get to it already. [EOTP]
  • Unsurprisingly Brendan Gallagher finished second in the Top 25 Under 25 series. I think we all know who will be #1. Stay tuned, the top prospect profile drops at 8 a.m. [EOTP]
  • For what it's worth, which is very little, apparently the Habs are trying to make place for Martin Brodeur in the lineup by trading Peter Budaj. In all likelihood, they are trying to move Budaj, but to make place for Dustin Tokarski, and not father time Brodeur.  [AntiChambre]
  • Karl Subban is living the dream, with three highly skilled sons and a school to take care of, his ultimate goal is helping others become good people. I love this guy. He also mentioned that he's embarrassed when P.K. fights, stating that he's a bad fighter. I couldn't agree more! Skip to 1:00 into the video to avoid the useless talk.  [TVA]
  • Adam Gretz put together the NHL's bargain contract All-Star team. Unlike the CBC, Gretz had the good sense to put Pacioretty in the bargain bin. [SB NHL]
GIF of the Day. Plekanec trolling Subban during a pre-game interview:

Around the NHL & elsewhere

  • Former Habs defender Stephane Quintal is the new boss of the NHL's Department of Player Safety. [PD]
  • Turns out that Sidney Crosby hurt his wrist last year versus the St. Louis Blues. [Pensburgh]
  • Don't worry though, he's 100% healthy and ready for the upcoming season. [Twitter]
  • The best New York Islanders man cave is located in Germany. True story. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Instead of accepting an invite to the Detroit Red Wings training camp as previously suggested, Raphael Diaz chose to accept an invitation to the Calgary Flames camp instead. That's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him. [The Score]
  • John Tavares' knee is completely healed according to the man himself. [EOH]
  • Rumour has it that Senators defenceman Marc Methot is looking for Orpik money. [Sun]
  • Alex Ovechkin thinks it sucks that his name isn't on the Stanley Cup yet. Considering I used the term 'Orpik money' in the last link,  I have a feeling he won't see his name engraved on the Holy Grail any time soon. [Twitter]
  • The Fan Fest event put on by the Leafs seems to have been a total disaster from a fans point of view. As it tradition. [LeafsNation]
  • It is rumoured that the expansion fee for a second Toronto team would cost in excess of one billion dollars. [TSN]
  • Sportsnet put up a gallery of Denis Brodeur's best pictures. It's well worth a look for the iconic Habs pictures alone. [Sportsnet]