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Sunday Habs Links: NHL rates Subban 5th best fantasy defenseman

Here are your daily links, including why you should draft Subban in fantasy hockey, a look back at Carol Vadnais's career, the location of the 2015 Winter Classic, your Sunday Habs Throwback, and more.

MONTREAL, QC - MAY 19: P.K. Subban #76 of the Montreal Canadiens reacts on the ice
MONTREAL, QC - MAY 19: P.K. Subban #76 of the Montreal Canadiens reacts on the ice
Bruce Bennett

Montreal Canadiens Links

  •'s "Top 14 for '14-15" project ranks P.K. Subban no.5 on their list of top defensemen. The list examined players in several catergories, but the most important was their ability to "excel at both ends of the ice", which we know Subban to have no problem with. Notable: Yahoo Sports rates Subban at no.1 on their own list. [NHL, Yahoo Sports]
  • Episodes 3 and 4 of 24CH: Special Extended Cut Edition are up! I'm fascinated by the relationship between the team and its fan. 24CH captures moments such as the Habs at a fundraiser for Lac-Mégantic, and the night a ten year old mega-fan received a game puck. [Youtube]
  • The funeral for Carol Vadnais took place this Friday. In his hockey career, Vadnais played 1087 games from 1967 to 1983, and won two Stanley Cups. Fans and friends from all over the U.S and Canada wrote to express their condolences, including former Expos Claude Raymond and actor Tom Hanks. [La Presse]

  • Sunday Habs History: Vadnais won his first cup in his rookie year with the Habs, and his second in 1972 with the Boston Bruins. In honour of Vadnais, watch this old highlight reel of the 1968 Stanley Cup Finals, Montreal vs. St.Louis. I love the lack of helmets (concussions haven't been invented yet, right?) and the supremely groovy 60's music. Can we bring that part back? [Youtube]

Around the NHL

  • The NHL and the Washington Nationals are close to striking a deal for the venue rights for National Park, where the Washington Capitals will host the Chicago Blackhawks for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic. [The Score]
  • Plan the parade, Toronto. President Brendan Shanahan, GM Dave Nonis, assistant GM Kyle Dubas, and assistant to the GM Brandon Pridham gathered for a press conference at Leafs Nation Fan Fest on Friday. Shanahan was very positive about Maple Leafs' potential, but more interestingly, he states that they have too many young players to "dismantle it all and buy [themselves] several years". Guess there are no plans to rebuild the Leafs (just yet). [NHL]
  • No. 1 pick Aaron Ekblad just signed a three-year, entry-level contract with the Florida Panthers. No guarantee he would make the opening night roster, but I would bet yes. [Panthers]
  • Chief of NHL operations John Collins says that he hopes to one day implement player tracking chips to record player movements and actions. Welcome to the future of sports statistics. [EOTP]