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Canadiens vs Avalanche Top Six Minutes: The Sekac Show

Jiri Sekac stole the show and assured himself a spot in the Habs starting lineup. Prust's late goal completes two 3-2 victories over Colorado in as many nights.

Sekac will be smiling Oct. 8th, too.
Sekac will be smiling Oct. 8th, too.
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • Popping my T6M cherry! So you should probably watch this.
  • So how did you feel about the Habs chances before puck drop after seeing the roster they sent over to Quebec City to face the Nordiques?
  • I have more toes than the Habs have NHL veterans in their lineup tonight.
  • Fearless prediction: Montreal wins with ease. ...Why are you all laughing?
  • Daniel Briere looks good in an Avs jersey. Rare trade that might actually work out nicely for both clubs.
  • Tim Bozon playing tonight is borderline miraculous. Everyone is picking him for the #1stHabsGoal but I picked David DesharnaisWhoops.
  • Is Patrick Roy always unimpressed with national anthem singers?
  • This camera angle is giving me vertigo. Notes to the editor: If the Top Six Minutes never makes it online, send help.
  • Prust blocking shots in the preseason. Expect anything less?
  • Tokarski regaining his playoff form as Colorado mounts a shooting gallery.
  • Joe Sakic received a minute-long ovation in Quebec City during the first commercial break. Too bad he waves like the queen.
  • 10 minutes in and Montreal has hemmed Colorado in their own zone for most of it.
  • Apart from Deitz, the Canadiens have five NHL-caliber defensemen playing tonight. Bouillon is the new Blunden line for defense.
  • This de la Rose - Andrighetto - Sekac line may never have a chance to dominate at the AHL level. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Erik Johnson scores with Nygren in the box and the crowd goes wild.
  • Apparently the NHL doesn't track stats in Quebec. We'll never know how many blocked shots Prust has, the number of Bouillon icings, nor Tim Bozon's ice time.
  • Matt Duchene is good, but Dustin Tokarski's posts are in playoff form.
  • It's pretty clear de la Rose could use some AHL seasoning before making an impact with the Habs.
  • If he gets traded, anyone want to buy my signed Travis Moen T-shirt?
  • If Bouillon, wearing an A tonight, drops the gloves with Briere we have to sign him, right?
  • This is quickly turning into the Sekac show, but it's SVEN!!!! Andrighetto with a point shot that deflects off of Erik Johnson and into the back of the net that ties the game.
  • Anyone ever notice how many groupies Mike Weaver has on Twitter? And that he gets mad jealous anytime Patches comes up?
  • Crowd seems pretty quiet for a city that wants an NHL team. Guess Quebec city isn't really into NHL-AHL matchups.
  • Scherbak has been invisible tonight. Is he even playing? Did he suffer a sever earlobe injury last night? Sorkin seems to have replaced him on the "top line" with Desharnais and Prust.
  • I was about to call this game a snoozefest when Andrighetto & Sekac went in on a 2-on-1. No goal, though. Zzzz
  • Scherbak sighting in the third period! He looked thrilled.
  • Gabriel Dumont puts the puck over the glass, Ryan O'Reilly makes it 2-1 on the ensuing powerplay.
  • Darren Dietz may have been the most surprising Hab tonight.
  • Jiri Sekac ties the game and went full lion with his celly. He'll play October 8th vs Leafs.
  • Everyone is pretty much on the same page in the game thread comments: Dietz > Bouillon.
  • If Brandon Prust truly is coming into this season in better shape & health, Habs will have one of the best fourth lines in the league.
  • ICYMI: Prust makes it 3-2 and Montreal is minutes away from their third consecutive comeback win of the preseason.
  • Iginla victimizes Frankie Bouillon late in the third period and Montreal finishes the game on a powerplay.
  • Go Habs Go chants drowned out by stern boos in Quebec City as time winds down.
  • The Hamilton Bulldogs defeat the Quebec Nordiques by a final score of 3-2.
  • Not often you see the Habs booed as they salute the crowd after a win!

EOTP Three Stars:

  1. Senator Demers. The irony!

  2. In case we get creamed?

  3. Bananas.


I'm not sure you can call it a "save" but...

Sekac scores a beauty


The game winner (I still can't believe this happened)