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Jiri Sekac finally admits he chose the Habs to make money

We thought we knew why, but Sekac has finally cracked and admitted the truth.

"Why did you choose to come to Montreal?" is a question that various members of the Montreal media have asked newly signed Jiri Sekac a few times this year.

In fact, so far he's been asked that same question roughly 332 times. However on the 333rd, he finally cracked and gave the media the real reason he came to Montreal.

"In the past, I've stated that it was just a gut feeling that brought me here, but I can't handle the lies anymore. The truth is, I came here because it gave me the best chance to make the NHL, and collect a big paycheck.  There's also the strip clubs, the influx of high quality smoked meats, and the hero status that Habs players carry around with them, but if I am being honest, it was mostly about the money. It certainly wasn't for the taxes, media pressure and the city's construction woes." claimed Sekac.

"I could have gone elsewhere, but most teams didn't have an open roster spot available for me. So I guess it was a gut feeling in a sense...I had a gut feeling I could make more money here. Basically, it was two parts money, one part Club Super Sexe, and one part Schwartz smoked meat sandwiches. Simple, really. "

As we all know, if an athlete gives the same answer to the same question over and over, they're clearly just lying. Some may call it lazy journalism, but this astonishing revelation has cleared up the muddy waters that were surrounding Jiri Sekac's arrival in Montreal.  Kudos to all involved in the ceaseless repeat questioning. Thanks to them, we finally have the truth.