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Canadiens sign Drayson Bowman to a professional tryout contract

Bored on a Tuesday night? The Habs are here to give you a tidbit of news.


According to Josh Rimer of Sportsnet, the Montreal Canadiens have more news for us today, albeit of the much more minor sort. Former Hurricanes depth forward Drayson Bowman has signed a professional tryout contract with the Habs, which essentially means that he'll be attending training camp and trying to earn a real contract.

With the Habs already stocked at forward, including 14 NHL-ready players if you count Jiri Sekac, this seems like quite the long shot for Bowman, but it could be the precursor for a trade involving a player like Travis Moen, who was the 14th forward for the Canadiens in the playoffs, yet makes $1.85M per season against the cap.

Bowman has put up a 48.8% Corsi at 5-on-5 hockey over the last three seasons, which isn't horrible for a depth guy, especially factoring in that he started 35.8% of his shifts in the defensive zone, and 30% in the offensive zone. It's not exactly brutal usage, but at a glance, it seems like he's a passable depth guy that doesn't hurt you.