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P.K. Subban likes to annoy Carey Price

While binge-watching the second season of 24CH, I found out something interesting about P.K. Subban.

Bruce Bennett

Ever since the Canadiens started re-releasing the second season of 24CH, which you can watch in French or English here, I've been binge watching it to prepare for the upcoming season and relive some of the highlights of the last season.

Among the things that stuck out about the special extended cuts of season two, the first is that all the added scenes were the things we actually wanted to see in the first run, so it's WELL worth watching, and P.K. Subban likes to annoy his teammates, specifically Carey Price.

After a huge win where Price was the hero, everyone else just congratulated him, but P.K. had to do more:


After another game, Brandon Prust chased Subban out of the dressing room, and how did Subban respond? Well obviously he had to annoy Carey:


That's just two of many times P.K. decided to bug Carey, showing their special friendship for all to see, but trust me there's a heck of a lot more. Give it a watch!

Here's a special bonus Galchenyuk and Subban messing up the team family photo gif: