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Eyes on the Prize is looking for writers, and we're organizing a contest for it

We're looking for some feature columnists to write some excellent pieces for us, and an interview recorder of sorts.

The Habs scout for new talent, and we have to do the same.
The Habs scout for new talent, and we have to do the same.
Bruce Bennett

Position open: Interview transcriber

After some conversations about what we could bring to EOTP that we don't so far, we've come up with one position that we would like to take applicants for. If you follow @Hope_Smoke on twitter, you'll see why we would like to add someone to do this. His twitter feed is a gold mine of great/enraging interviews. Currently we don't have someone who does that as much as he does for Montreal radio, and we have a ton of French content that could be translated into English.

The position is on a volunteer basis.

  • Must be fluent in French and English.
  • Must listen to sports talk radio, or podcasts, and watch Antichambre.
  • Whenever there is an interview with something interesting said, transcribe it into a post that will be published the following day, preferably posting one article with multiple interviews per week day.
  • Articles must be submitted by 11:00pm EST the evening prior to publish.
  • Quotes must be 100% accurate. We do not want to misquote anyone, ever. If you aren't sure of a word, make that clear in the text.
  • French content must be transcribed into English and French.
  • Emphasis on transcribing Pierre McGuire's interviews on Melnick in the Afternoon.
How to apply

Email me at with a sample of a transcribed interview, including a link to that interview.


Position open: Feature columnist

This is huge, and something we rarely look for, to be honest. Usually when we add people to EOTP, it's for specific jobs that we want to get done, but this is all about creativity. This is going to be the toughest decision we've made yet, because it's difficult to know if someone truly has the chops for this, so we're doing this in contest form.

The position is on a volunteer basis.

  • Write a weekly column of 800+ words relating to the Montreal Canadiens on a topic of your choosing.
  • Must be entertaining, intelligent, ambitious, and confident.
How to apply

We want to ensure that we choose the best candidate or candidates for this, so we're going to make the rules a little complicated. First, we don't want to know who you are. Create an account on SB Nation that does not include your name. Next, go to the fanposts section of the site, click 'new fanpost', and write the best column you can give us about the Montreal Canadiens. The topic is your choice, the approach is your choice, just show us who you are as a writer.

Make sure that the title of your fanpost starts with "Entry: " then you can enter the title of your article. All the entries into the contest will be added to a custom hub for the benefit of our editorial staff, as well as the readers of the site, because their opinion will matter too.

All entries must be in by the end of October, at which time we will compile a list of the best entries, and move forward to picking the next EOTP feature columnist. We are looking for people with unique voices, people who haven't had a chance to be showcased on a big stage.

Good luck!