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Eyes on the Prize welcomes two new columnists

This is long overdue, but allow us to introduce two new members of the team.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This is so long overdue, that one of these writers has actually written multiple articles for EOTP already without me introducing him. Honestly it's a bit embarrassing and not the way we normally do things, but we've been so incredibly busy with stuff that needed to get done, that this kept slipping.

Please join me in giving a big welcome to the site to both Avi Goldberg, and Tom Awad. Both Avi and Tom will be contributing every once in awhile with unique articles. Let's introduce them.

Avi Goldberg

Avi is a professor of sociology at Concordia University, as well as Vanier College. He is also a contributing editor at, and a regular contributor to TSN690, CJAD800, Montreal Hockey Talk, and Huffington Post Canada.

You can also follow Avi on twitter.

Tom Awad

Tom is a hockey analytics pioneer who has written for Hockey Prospectus for a long time, and developed the player prediction system called VUKOTA. He also co-wrote the Hockey Abstract book with Rob Vollman and Iain Fyffe, which you can purchase here.

You can't follow Tom on twitter, yet. Many people have attempted to make him join though. Maybe one day.


Both Avi and Tom bring a perspective that isn't always represented on EOTP, and I'm really excited to add them to the diverse content we bring to the table.