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Wednesday Habs Links: Carey Price's Montreal Canadiens

Here are your daily links, including more reactions to the Canadiens' 4-A situation, Galchenyuk at centre, changes coming to the goalie interference rules, and more.

Jared Wickerham

Montreal Canadiens Links

  • Canadiens announce 64 invites for training camp and the preseason. There's the usual gang, plus some new faces to watch for: Sven Andrighetto, Tim Bozon, Nikita Scherbak, and Jiri Sekac. [EOTP]
  • Alex Galchenyuk will switch to centre for the the training camp. [EOTP]
  • Habs are starting the season with three goaltenders. Who goes, who stays? Crossing my fingers this doesn't end up a Vancouver Canucks scenario. (French) [La Presse]
  • Response to the Four-A scenario has been grudgingly positive. Maybe the legend of a driven and ultra-competitive captain à la Mark Messier is an old-fashioned machismo fantasy to be discarded in the 21st century. [National Post]
  • Or maybe, the reason they're all wearing "A"s is because Carey Price is wearing an invisible "C". [Globe and Mail]
  • La Presse certainly thinks so, calling the Habs "l'équipe de Carey Price". Remember just four years ago, when everyone was outraged they traded Halak instead of Price? Price has certainly proved his worth since then. (French) [La Presse]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Starting in 2014-15, the League will begin to review and revise its rules for goalie interference. If that's not cool enough, Elliotte Friedman had dubbed it "Shadow Replay", which makes a bunch of guys standing around at their computers sound like ninjas. [Sportsnet]
  • Anthony Mantha probably will only play 9 games this season, not because he isn't a prodigy with 100+ goals in the QMJHL, but because player contracts are confusing and full of loopholes. [Winging it From Motown]
  • More good news for Red Wings: Danny DeKeyser signs two-year deal. [Sportsnet]
  • Bad news for Red Wings: Daniel Alfredsson will not be attending training camp due to back problems. [NHL]
  • It's time to start prepping for your fantasy hockey draft, and has a video with tips to help. [NHL]
  • Johnny Gaudreau, the amazingly talented Flames rookie, will now be known as "Johnny Hockey". Never let it be said that hockey players are not incredibly creative with nicknames. [The Hockey News]
  • The United States League will join the AHL in adopting a 3-on-3 overtime. The possibility of doing the same in the NHL was mentioned last March at a NHL GM meeting, and the idea seems popular so far. [The Hockey News]
  • Josh Harding is injured, and the Minnesota Wild is unsure of the severity or how long Harding will be out. [Gone Puck Wild]
  • There's a trend now that whenever a player performs well, we shake our heads gloomily and mutter "regression is coming", like a stats-geek Ned Stark. But Kyle Okposo could prove us wrong next season. [SB Nation]