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Canadiens rookie camp scrimmage day 3 game thread & stream

It's our first game thread of the season! RDS is streaming the scrimmage with commentary because Canadiens fans are completely nuts.

Jamie Squire

Today at 4pm EST, the Canadiens rookies will be having their first scrimmage of rookie camp, and thanks to RDS, the whole thing will be streamed online right here. RDS has also said there will be live commentary, but don't get too excited because I doubt it's Pierre Houde.

We don't know yet what the quality of the stream will look like, but in case you don't know who the players are, here is the complete roster list for Canadiens camp so you can associate names with numbers (click to enlarge):



And the lineups:

Team Red Projected Lineup
Left Wing
Right Wing
Jacob de la Rose Daniel Audette Nikita Scherbak
Sven Andrighetto Jeremy Gregoire Christian Thomas
Riley Brace Alexandre Goulet Tanner Eberle
Bokondji Imama
Tyler Hill
Left Defense
Right Defense
Mac Bennett Morgan Ellis
Gianluca Curcoruto Brett Lernout
David Makowski Bobby Shea
Zachary Fucale
Hayden Hawkey

Team White Projected Lineup
Left Wing
Right Wing
Tim Bozon Charles Hudon Jiri Sekac
Jack Nevins Michael McCarron Patrick Holland
Stefano Momesso Matthew Highmore Matt Schmalz

Sahir Gill Nick Sorkin
Left Defense
Right Defense
Joel Chouinard Darren Dietz
Zach Yuen Justin Baker
Charles-David Beaudoin Evan Wardley
Mike Condon
Jordan Papirny