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Canadiens vs Avalanche ticket giveaway cancelled

We messed up, and we're sorry, but we'll make it up to you.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, we created a contest earlier this week to give away some preseason tickets. Earlier today Jimmy Westcott contacted me to say that the Montreal Canadiens had informed him the NHL rules prohibit us from giving away tickets.

I called the Canadiens to understand why, and although they expressed regret that they had to make us pull the contest, they explained that only Canadiens or NHL official partners are allowed to give away tickets in contests. The Canadiens themselves weren't angry, but warned us that the NHL doesn't like this kind of stuff, so unfortunately, we have to pull the contest.

However, a ton of you took part in the contest, and I refuse to have a bunch of loyal readers on this site do stuff FOR US, and not give them anything in return, so I talked to SB Nation's NHL boss, Travis Hughes, and we have an even better prize now.

Anyone who likes the Eyes on the Prize Facebook page and shares it on their timeline to get their Habs fan friends to come to the site, then posts a screen shot here or on the Facebook page, and anyone who has already done so, will now be entered to win a free one year subscription to NHL Gamecenter Live.

I hope to everyone who already entered the contest that this is something you would want, and I sincerely apologize for the mistake we made.