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Summer Game Night: Mats' Shame (Sundin Night)

We take on another week of Summer Game Nights by taking on the Habs VS Leafs. It's a really, really fun one.

Claus Andersen

On February 11th 2012 the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to honour one of their greats by honouring his number and securing his spot an an immortal within the NHL's worst franchise. Mats Sundin is most likely a hall of famer and is an NHL and Toronto legend. He is one of the best if not the best Leaf ever and there wasn't a dry eye in the house that night when Mats got emotional during his career retrospective.

How cute of the Leafs to schedule said game against the rival Montreal Canadiens. Wouldn't it have been a feather in the Leaf's cap if they beat the Canadiens on Sundin night? It would have been awesome if the Leafs hadn't been totally terrible.

The Habs pasted the Leafs...and I mean PASTED the Leafs, and lucky it is preserved for eternity for us to watch on NHL Gamecenter.

Let's watch and enjoy, starting at 7:00pm EST.