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Join the Corsi Hockey League

Eyes on the Prize is starting it's own fantasy league this year folks and we want you to join!


That's right folks we here at EOTP are creating our own fantasy hockey league for the upcoming season and we want to invite some of our commenters to join us. Last year Robert Rice headed up the league and this year I shall be your acting commissioner.

The setup:

Number of Teams: The league has 14 total teams(16 teams if the demand is high enough) and a second commissioner from the EOTP staff may be added to assist. So currently there are 13 open spots since my team is already in the league.

Scoring(F/D): Goals, Assists, Points, PIMs, Powerplay Points, SOG, SH%, Faceoffs Won.

Scoring(G): Wins, GAA, Saves, SV%, SO.

Draft date: September 30th at 9:00pm EST

How to enter: Just leave a comment here and we'll email you to the email address associated with your EOTP account.

Prize: TBD but I'll likely mail the winner a Habs shirsey of their favorite player

Naturally all of these settings can be changed or tweaked if need be and I assume they will be at some point. So come on and join the league that Steve Simmons loathes so much! I'll send out emails to those that reply to this post or send me a tweet wishing to join. If there is higher demand I'll make the league a bit larger and let's be honest everyone wants to be in the CHL.