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Wednesday Habs Links: Mike Weaver talks about the captaincy

Here are your daily links, including a comparison of Ho-Sang and Subban, an interview with Mike Weaver, off-season updates on Weise and Gallagher, some in-depth looks at goalies, and more.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens Links

  • Mike Weaver spoke to Top Shelf Hockey about his recent experience playing in Montreal, and how he was offered a contract 20 minutes before free agency opened.
  • Dale Weise is looking forward to the season. Despite postponing his training regime this summer in order to recover from a postseason concussion, Weise is ready to go and eager to play.
  • Is Josh Ho-Sang like a young P.K. Subban? Interesting comparison between two young, black hockey players. Subban did play limited minutes in the 2008 World Juniors, but Ho-Sang did not receive an invitation for Hockey Canada's training camp. Looking back at the drama surrounding a simple goal celebration by Subban, I wonder if Ho-Sang's career will be similarly marked by negative media attention.
  • Brendan Gallagher and food. What's he eating this offseason? Can he cook? Can he cook...under pressure? If he can't stand the heat, should he get off the ice? When the stakes are raised, can this rare talent of medium size consider crashing into tenders a job well-done? (alright, alright, I'll stop)

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