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Sylvain Lefebvre's Ice Bucket Challenge was bad ass

Everyone is trying to make the most extreme Ice Bucket Challenge the longer this goes in, and Bulldogs coach Sylvain Lefebvre is no exception.

We criticize Sylvain Lefebvre a lot for his coaching, but one thing we can't hold against him is that he was a hell of a player in his day, and he's still quite the bad ass. Sure, some people took a lot of ice buckets for the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research, but how many people took it while wake boarding and didn't fall?

Then again, his daughter did the exact same thing, meaning that she's even more intense than her dad considering she's just a kid.

Lefebvre challenged the new veteran signings of the Bulldogs, including knuckle tosser Joe Finley.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has done an incredible job raising money and awareness for ALS, and if you feel compelled to donate, you can do so right here.