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Don Cherry and Ron MacLean take the Ice Bucket Challenge

The long time duo from Hockey Night in Canada have both taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research.

Bruce Bennett

First up is Don Cherry's long time Coaches Corner partner Ron MacLean who would go on to nominate Eric Lindros and Don Cherry as well.

I have to give props to MacLean for adding in the spinning jump into the pool after the cold ice shower because quite honestly after I did the challenge my body was more or less in shock.

Now I asked on Twitter a little while ago why no one had challenged one of the most iconic men in the hockey world to the Ice Bucket Challenge yet. Today my dream of watching someone dump ice cold water all over Don Cherry came true.

Now Don Cherry says a lot of things I disagree with but when it comes to charity and acts for the community he's a class act in that regard. Now sit back and enjoy Habs fans as Don Cherry has his son Del dump a bucket of ice water on him!

As always if you wish to donate to ALS research you can follow this link.