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P.K. Subban contract: Canadiens defenseman avoids arbitration decision, signs 8 year deal

The long awaited moment has arrived, star d-man P.K. Subban has agreed to multi-year contract extension.

Harry How

With the arbitration decision looming, Marc Bergevin has announced that he's finally come to terms with P.K. Subban. Subban signed an eight year contract extension, which will last until the 2021-22 season.

The 25 year-old Toronto native had requested $8.5M for his upcoming arbitration, whereas the Habs countered with $5.25M. Negotiations came down to the wire, however both sides seemed confident that a deal would be done prior to the scheduled third party judgment. Unfortunately the day and passed, however the Canadiens and Subban have come to an agreement.

Subban has finished second in team scoring over the course of the last two regular seasons, as well as leading the team in scoring for two years running in the playoffs. This deal will lock up Subban until the age of 32, and ensures team stability for the foreseeable future. Subban earned his massive contract the hard way, and there's no doubt that he deserves every penny coming to him.

The monetary details of the contract have not yet been released, we'll update them as soon as they're available.


$9M average hit per year, and he's worth every penny!