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Matt Drake does the ice bucket challenge

It took a while, and one failed attempt, but I was able to film my response to Scott Matla's challenge.

First of all, clearly I have a sweet tan. The stage for my challenge was at the local mall, where I approached two young women and asked if they would like to dump two buckets of ice water I was carrying on my head. Naturally, they accepted, and roll camera.

For my first nomination, I have nominated our very own Marc Dumont. Marc's a busy dude, but I don't care about his schedule so I'm pressuring him to do this because I'm not very nice and I want to see him get ice bucketed.

My second nomination is a blanket nomination for any and all members of our dear friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder. I've left it open so it's harder for them to chicken out. I believe that their team's loss of Shawn Thornton has robbed them of the heart and truculence they would need to respond to my challenge. Also, Tuukka Rask looks like an elf.

In all seriousness, the ice bucket challenge is good fun, and has helped raise millions for ALS. Please consider donating some spare cash with this link.