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Andrew Berkshire's Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Unfortunately we didn't get as many people showing up as I hoped, but here's my ice bucket challenge.

After being challenged by both Scott Matla and Adam Wylde, I figured I couldn't just do a single bucket over my head, so I had a different idea.

Sunday in Girouard Park I waited patiently, but in the end the only person who showed up was my friend Dave, who came on behalf of himself and another friend of mine, so I only got two buckets dumped on me. That's probably a good thing because the second one was damn cold!

Since my part is done, I challenge Arune Singh from Marvel, the newly engaged Maria Camacho and Eric/BonksMullet, and Joe Haggerty. You guys are up.

Please consider donating to ALS research with this link.