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Scott Matla does the Ice Bucket Challenge

EOTP is finally joining in the summer's hottest trend and I drop my body temperature like it's Ondrej Pavelec's save percentage.

Dylan Lynch

That's right folks the staff here at Eyes on the Prize has finally joined in the fun to raise money for ALS. We've seen Lars Eller, David Desharnais and P.A. Parenteau take the plunge as well as Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin.

Yours truly is the first of the EOTP crew to step up and take the challenge after my girlfriend and long time friend challenged me to do this. I then sent out the challenge to EOTP's Commander in Chief Andrew Berkshire and longtime site author Matt Drake. Also I challenge anyone who visits EOTP on a regular basis to take part in the challenge (be creative!) and post it as a fanpost here on EOTP. And don't worry I will be donating to the ALS foundation once my pay check comes in this week.

All right Berkshire and Drake it's time to get freezing cold in the name of charity and fun!