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Eller, Parenteau, Desharnais, and fans take the Ice Bucket Challenge

And it continues, as Eller, Parenteau, and Desharnais are all dowsed in ice water for charity.

It is an unstoppable trend, three Canadiens players took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS today, with Lars Eller, P.A. Parenteau, and David Desharnais all first helping Youppi to dump ice water on a bunch of Habs fans, then sitting in front of a zamboni to get covered themselves.

Maybe because his shoulders are lowest, or maybe because the zamboni didn't dump evenly, but it looked to be like Desharnais got by far the worst of that. Poor little guy.

As I said earlier today, EOTP has some special plans for the ice bucket challenge moving forward. Part of it is going to be my own contribution, as I'm hoping to get as many Montrealers as possible to dump ice water on me, each with individual donations of $20 to ALS. When this will happen is still to be determined, but I'm thinking it'll be in Girouard Park in NDG. Who's interested?