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Sunday Habs Links: The members of #GenieArmy become Habs fans

In today's links, tennis-loving Australians can't resist the charms of Subban and the Habs, Mike Weaver continues to show why he is the most interesting Canadien to follow on Twitter, hockey analytics are all the rage, regional blackouts are challenged in court, and Maurice Richard emerges as one of the greatest players of all-time in the Sunday Habs Throwback.

The #GenieArmy cheers Eugenie Bouchard at the Australian Open
The #GenieArmy cheers Eugenie Bouchard at the Australian Open
Scott Barbour

Montreal Canadiens Links

Around the NHL

  • A judge has ruled that there is enough of a case for a charge of anti-competitive practices in the way the NHL handles regional broadcasts for a lawsuit filed by fans to proceed.  That court case is set to begin in early 2015.  While this case only involves fans in the US, there could be implications for western Canadiens fans who face regional blackouts with the new Canadian broadcast setup.
  • The Winnipeg Jets were Saturday's subject in's 30-in-30 series.
  • Fluto Shinzawa discusses the future of statistical analysis in the NHL in his Sunday Hockey Notes column for the Boston Globe.  Not only does he highlight the recent hirings of prominent stats bloggers by NHL teams, but also the hot topics at this year's Joint Statistical Meetings, including the introduction of on-ice player tracking via SportVU technology.