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P.K. Subban Arbitration: Canadiens defenseman not signed, heads to arbitration

The Canadiens and Subban have failed to come to an agreement in time, and now the uncertainty of arbitration is upon us.

Jim Rogash

While we don't yet have confirmation that the meeting has begun, it should never have got this far, but the Montreal Canadiens and their star player P.K. Subban are headed into an arbitration hearing this morning after failing to agree to terms on a new contract.

We've been fairly calm about the process at EOTP, understanding that it's important for Marc Bergevin to be a tough negotiator and get Subban under contract for as good a deal as possible, but it's impossible to see this as anything other than a gigantic failure.

You don't play around with the future of your franchise over a few dollars, and that's exactly what this looks like. There is really no excuse for letting it get this far, and yet here we are.

The Canadiens and Subban still have until the arbitrator comes back with a salary figure to come to terms with their own deal, which could happen any time from an hour from now to 48 hours from now. The uncertainty is palpable.

UPDATE: Subban unhappy after three hours in arbitration.