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Eyes on the Prize Summer Game Nights

The Debut of a new EOTP Series: Summer Game Nights. Mike Obrand will be re-watching old Habs games and live-blogging them for your pleasure.

Put your game-watching clothes on.
Put your game-watching clothes on.
Harry How

Hello, Canada, and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland, and welcome to the debut edition of Summer Game Nights!

Are you starving for hockey? More specifically, Habs hockey? More specifically, great Habs wins? Well have I got the series for you!

We'll be running a weekly series throughout the remainder of the summer in which we'll be re-watching classic Canadiens games and live blogging them for your amusement. I'll be watching the games on GameCentre or YouTube and live-tweeting them as if it were a live game. The first game airs tonight at 6 PM, the game we watch together is up to you with a poll at the bottom of this post.

Go ahead and vote for one of the games below and get ready for hilarity, quick wit, puns and other tomfoolery. Follow the new EOTP twitter account dedicated to this series on twitter if you want to follow along there, for the game we'll embed a live-tweet widget.