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Everything Seguin does Subban does better

"Tyler Seguin was late to the party" - Travis Hughes

Subban's twitter

Yesterday twitter blew up with comments after Dallas Stars star center put a video on instagram of a professional golfer teeing off... off his groin. Seguin, just recently active on twitter again after a long hiatus due to several incidents where his friends apparently stole his phone to send out homophobic tweets, retweeted TMZ's coverage of "using his penis as a tee".

Unfortunately though, Seguin is nothing but a copy cat. As you can see by the header image in this article, Montreal Canadiens' star defenseman P.K. Subban has done this as well, and he did it a full year ago.

Subban allowed Todd Keirstead to tee off from his groin way back then, and obviously set the trend, because Subban is a trend setter.

Then of course, there's even more. Subban's teammate Brendan Gallagher did the same thing at the same golf tournament.

I've actually been at a couple of golf tournaments where this stunt was done, and I'm relieved to say I've never seen it go wrong. One thing no one needs to see is a live Patrick Thoresen situation on the golf course.