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Thursday Habs Links: Toews and Kane Make Bank

NHL teams hand out some big contracts (and some small ones), the Habs continue to ponder their 2nd line right wing spot, and a round-up of the latest from Dev Camp.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens News

  • The Canadiens sixth round pick, goaltender Hayden Hawkey, sat down with Dave Stubbs to talk about his experience at first NHL Development Camp.
  • Speaking of Development Camp, EOTP the highlights of yesterday's media availability, including enough Scherbak to fill your daily quota.
  • As the Canadiens continue to search for a candidate to fill their void on second line's right side, could Dustin Penner be a viable option? He's big, drives possession, probably comes cheap, and has scored a goal or two in his day. What say ye?

Around The League

  • Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane signed matching 8-year, $84M contract extensions. Their $10.5M AAV, which kicks in next year, will place them in the upper echelon of NHL earners, joining an elite cadre of hockey superstars and Dustin Brown (#24!).
  • Meanwhile, if the two Stanley Cups didn't convince you, Second City Hockey says that the Kane and Toews extensions are proof that times have changed in Chicago.
  • It wasn't just Blackhawks that cashed in on Wednesday. Corey Schneider had a good run, but now that he's making $6M/year, they're almost definitely going to make him play a full season.
  • Conversely, the Anaheim Ducks have signed former sniper Dany Heatley to a 1 year, $1M deal, taking a gamble on his Dwyer-like production over the last two years. He's coming off consecutive two lacklustre seasons, but at $1M, it might just be cheap enough to find out if he has any of this left in him:
  • Tyler Dellow contrasts Benoit Pouliot's new deal with his production, as he endeavours to put third line production in context.
  • And finally, the definitive answer to the question, "is Erik Karlsson is the league's best defenceman?" Points aren't offence*.
*We would also accept, "no."