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Josh Gorges Trade: Canadiens defender sent to Buffalo for 2nd round pick

Amid all the hoopla around a proposed trade to Toronto, the Canadiens ended up sending Josh Gorges to Buffalo.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It took awhile to work out, and the Canadiens didn't get much return for it, but they have cleared Josh Gorges off the salary cap.

I'm not sure what's more shocking about this deal, that the Canadiens only received a second round pick in return, or that after refusing to go to the Maple Leafs, Gorges allowed a trade to the Buffalo Sabres, a team with literally nothing to write home about for a few seasons.

It was very obvious that a trade had to happen, but I think I speak for most fans and media surrounding the Montreal Canadiens when I say that Josh Gorges the person is going to be missed a lot in this city. He bled for this team, showed no fear, and consistently overachieved considering his natural abilities.

Good luck to Josh in Buffalo, it's going to be a miserable couple years, but hopefully you have a good time there anyway, mentoring all those kids.