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Josh Gorges speaks about potential trade

As it becomes increasingly apparent that Josh Gorges is on the move from Montreal, the long time Habs blueliner is beginning to open up about the idea of being traded.

Andre Ringuette

Since the draft there have been rumours circling the future of Josh Gorges in a Montreal Canadiens uniform. Over the last 24 hours, those rumours seem to have transitioned into almost determination by the Habs to deal the veteran rearguard. As the rumours have moved to the realm of reality, Gorges has begun to open up about the possibility of not playing for the Canadiens next year

"I've always said I've dreamed about winning a cup in Montreal. There couldn't be a better place to raise the cup."

"No matter where I'll be playing in October, I will always wear my jersey with pride."

"I have never asked for a trade, this is the call of Marc Bergevin. I am in shock"

"This is really hard to accept. I have always given my heart to this team."

"I want people to know that I never wanted to leave Montreal. In no way has this been my decision."

If those quotes don't break your heart a little bit, you may not have one.  What we know so far today is that the main team interested in Gorges is our divisional rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Gorges' contract includes a modified NTC, and according to TSN's Bob McKenzie, he is unwilling to waive that clause for a trade to the big smoke.

One thing is for sure: if Josh Gorges is traded, he will be sorely missed by many of us Habs fans. He has been a complete professional throughout his time in Montreal, mentoring young players and even opening his home to Brendan Gallagher. If these quotes don't show the sheer devotion he has to his sport, and his team, I'm not sure what else would. We will keep you up to date on everything surrounding Gorges as it develops.