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The Montreal Canadiens select Nikolas Koberstein with the 125th overall pick

Call me Jon Snow, because I...know nothing...

I have several draft guides, watched a ton of Jr. hockey and I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about Koberstein. He's nowhere to be found in any of my rankings, and since that's the case I don't feel comfortable commenting on his skills or hockey ability.

What I do know is that he's 6'02", 200 lbs and played in the Albert Junior hockey league last year.

This really doesn't seem like a Trevor Timmins type pick, but then again neither did Lernout.

Koberstein is committed to the University of...Fairbanks, in Alaska next year.

Here's the only info I found on him after a quick internet search:

Nikolas follows in the footsteps of former Grizzlys Ian Perkins, Jim Lawrence, Darcy Campbell and others who have gone on to Fairbanks.  Nikolas has been a player who plays in all situations with the Grizz this season and just returned from the 2013 CJHL Prospects game.

"Nik has had a tremendous season with us so far this year," said Grizzlys Head Coach Brett Hopfe.  "Nik has had many generous offers to move on to the next level and has chosen UAF, which is a great school with a brand new state of the art dressing room.  We are happy to have Nik back for one more year to help develop him into a force for the Nanooks.  With Nik's skill set and work ethic I would not be surprised to see him playing at the professional level when his time with UAF is done."

We'll do some digging and try to find out more about Koberstein shortly.