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Habs vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: Deport Douglas Murray Edition

Habs lose on a terrible fluke goal and everything is awful.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

-Is there anything better than the Habs playoff intro?

-No there isn't

-Actually Rene Rancourt never singing again may be better but that's another story.

-Ginette Reno that is all.


-Douglas Murray on the ice and the puck is iced on the same shift it's like magic...really shitty magic.

-Brendan-Gallagher-rolling-on-Gregory-Campbell dot gif.

-I will never stop being annoyed over the fact a grown man calls himself Dougie

-Sometimes I wish Desharnais would shoot the puck...just once.

-Jarome Iginla has become roughly infinity times more despicable since joining the Bruins.

-Douglas Murray buried Shawn Thornton and it was glorious.

-Until I realized it means Murray will be praised for the next 465 years and will have a statue erected by the fans in his honor.

-And you get an icing and you get an icing and you get an icing EVERYBODY GETS AN ICING!

-I want to tell Pierre McGuire who I am and listen to him tell me my family history.

-I might be crazy but I thought the Habs looked good in the opening period*

-*Denotes that this does not include shifts involving Douglas Murray.

-Dale Weise has some wheels and it's giving the Bruins fits.

-P.K. Subban broke up another 2 on 1 but he's still a defensive liability right?

-Something something Don Cherry is bad at his job etc etc

-Well the second period got off to a horrawful start.

-A penalty that was actually a penalty!

-#AlmostBourque returns

-Does anyone know what an "Okay non-call" is?

-Fartkowski strikes again!

-Max Pacioretty is off his game and it's making me think he's injured

-The ending of the period made a Joe Haggerty article seem okay by comparison.

-So Marchand speared Subban in the groin making that how many games in a row now?

-Emelin...come on man

-Travis Moen please for the love of god give Plekanec that shot on a 3 on 2 break

-I assume Ginette Reno blessed the goal posts for this series given the Habs luck so far.

-Douglas Murray did a thing again!

-The Habs hemmed in Chara THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

-Michael Bournival had himself a hell of a game tonight including pickpocketing Patrice Bergeron.

-Chara spears Gallagher and at this rate everyone at EOTP will be speared by an NHL player before the playoffs are over.

-OOOOOVVVERRTIMMEEEEE (Assumes fetal position)

-That is asrqertwy4jtrwnyrejtnjrntejynhrewtwerqw



-Deport Douglas Murray to Uranus please.

-Seriously he was far and away the worst player on the ice tonight and cost us the game.

-The series is even and now we have to hear Rene Rancourt again...this is the worst.