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Canadiens vs Bruins second period thread

Plekanec and Subban "solve" Rask. The trick is to fire the puck at him. Montreal leads Boston 2-0 at the end of the first.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The moral of the first period is to run an idea by PJ Stock and if he thinks it's a good idea, do the opposite. Stock praised the addition of Douglas Murray to the Montreal lineup in the pre-game show, while nearly every HNIC analyst panned the move. Everyone but PJ turned out to be correct and Murray was an anchor in the first period. And by anchor I mean he kept his forwards from going anywhere - icing after icing kept the Habs in their own zone.

Enough of Murray.

Plekanec, set up by Vanek and Subban, scored the game's first goal and reminded us all why we fell in love with that turtleneck in the first place.

Subban and Vanek teamed up shortly after that and the resulting hit left PK in the penalty box and Vanek heading to the dressing room wincing in pain. But Subban avenged himself and holy crow - that breakaway was a thing of beauty! PK came back on the ice at the end of the Boston PP got fed by Eller and lit up Rask.

And that's where we are at after 20 minutes.

10:57 MTL Tomas Plekanec (3) Wrist shot - ASST: Thomas Vanek (3), P.K. Subban (8) 1 - 0 MTL

14:44 MTL P.K. Subban (3) Wrist shot - ASST: Lars Eller (5), Dale Weise (2)

2 - 0 MTL

12:38 MTL

P.K. Subban Roughing  - 2 min against  Reilly Smith

1st 9 10
Total 9 10