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Exit interviews. Montreal Canadiens locker clean out day quotes.

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We'll be updating the quotes live as they come in.

Vanek was the first to speak to the media, and credit where credit is due, at least he didn't conveniently 'forget' media day like Ryder did last year.

Here's what the impending UFA had to say.

First of all, he made no injury related excuses for his poor play towards the end of the playoffs:

He didn't, however,enjoy that Therrien separated him from the DD line:

Despite the loss, Vanek thinks he can win in Montreal:

His experience in Montreal seems to have been quite positive:

The captain was up next:

He spoke briefly about his UFA status:

Past tense? hmmmm...

Peter Budaj showed why he's all class:


Mike Weaver:

Some of us knew ;)

Daniel Briere:

Bouillon wants to be back:





Parros also wants to keep playing:

Rene Bourque:

Bourque definitely has his eyes on the prize:


Price doesn't think the Kreider injury was malicious:

He's thankful it wasn't worse:

It will not require surgery:


Weise is too concussed to speak to the media:

Subban is the best:

No Markov quotes today:

I'll be updating the quotes live as they come in.