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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: That'll do Habs. That'll do.

The playoffs roller coaster comes to an end, and we all want another ride.

Bruce Bennett

  • The anthem singer in New York is definitely rocking a rug, circa 1970.  Look at that thing.
  • Bo16guhcqaixuxi
  • Tokarski is looking great early, and Gorges hasn't scored on him yet. So far so good.
  • They missed a blatant high stick on Gionta, but  to be fair most refs don't pay attention to things two feet below their line of sight.
  • It took over seven minutes for the Habs to put a lazy puck on net. Hold on to your butts, it's going to be a rough ride.
  • At this point, I assume Lundqvist regrets using his expensive sweat-proof hair spray for the game tonight.
  • It's a little weird that Diaz was allowed to pick #4. I suppose neither of the Rangers two Hall of Fame inductees ever used 4.
  • Fact: Eller is Danish for possession monster.
  • Tokarski almost Marc-André Fleury'd himself.
  • Alright Habs d-men, If you could stop trying to score on Tokarski...Yeah...that'd be great.
  • I -might- have just peed myself a little, but the opponents hitting the post in a tied elimination game is a legitimate excuse. I regret nothing, plus I shop at Costco. Win-win.
  • Tokarski is a little ball of mini-heart attacks, isn't he?
  • Speaking of heart attacks, HI NATHAN.
  • The last time I saw this much diving I was doing my Padi scuba certification. Both teams should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Even with the Rangers goal, the second period went a lot better for the Habs than the first. Although that's setting the bar a little low. Akin to saying the Korean war went a lot better for the Americans than the Vietnam war.
  • It's  do or die. Backs against the walls. There's no tomorrow. Win or go home. Something something gotta win. Now or get the idea.
  • Did you know that Henrik Lundqvist is pitching a shutout to start the third? Yup, a shutout. The man has not allowed a goal and thus currently has a shutout. Will his shutout hold? Let's keep an eye on it. His shutout, that is.
  • Shutout
  • That Beaulieu-Bouillon exchange on the blue line during the Habs powerplay was the saddest thing I have seen since I examined my love life.
  • Tokarski is doing everything but scoring.
  • That'll do Habs. That'll do.
A frustrating way to lose no doubt, but a little perspective is needed here. Who expected us to make it to the Conference Finals anyhow?

It was a hell of a run ladies and gentlemen. Let's do it again next year.