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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Close to Emelination

Well, that sucked folks.


  • Gorges just received a penalty when Pouliot fell, which must mean that the referees blame Gorges for Pouliot's affinity to fall like Bambi 472 times per game.
  • Montreal's powerplay is colder than a Eugene Melnyk owned rental unit in mid-January.
  • I'm starting to think there is a real and obvious bias against Montreal coming from the refs. I mean....look at how many powerplays the Habs were getting early.  They obviously want the Canadiens to lose.
  • Gionta electing to shoot from the point when Subban was calling for the puck was rather surprising. Mostly because the puck actually made it to the net....eventually.
  • 1 shot on 3 powerplays....if only we had a d-man that is mobile and can shoot the puck...hmmmm....HMMMMM.... Nope, instead we have the mighty Bouillon.
  • Alexei Emelin has the hockey IQ of a water bottle. A water bottle that clearly can't play on the right side.
  • If the Habs create any more turnovers in this game they'll have to open a bakery.
  • Hey look, Rick Nash just ran our goalie. I'm sure it was on accident. Definitely a mistake, he didn't mean to run the goalie when he skated full speed into the crease. The good news is that the refs didn't penalize him. Thank goodness! We wouldn't want players to think twice when they decide to run a goalie.
  • Bournival might be dying, guys. That's a "I partied all weekend with Rob Ford" face if I've ever seen one.
  • Uh...Yeah, so like I said, smart move putting in Bouillon. I always had 100% faith in the move, and this confirms my earlier support as being logical.
  • Next watch for Therrien to play Parros, and watch for Parros to score four goals. The Therrien voodoo knows no bounds.
  • Oh shit! Miller is hurt. Instead of destroying our goalie this time the Rangers forward ate a mouthful of metal. I wonder if I could find the world's smallest violin on Ebay.  Disclaimer: You never want to see someone hurt, but if it's going to be either our goalie or their forwards, I'll choose the latter, thank you very much. We've had enough of the former.
  • Dustin Tokarski is making a statement, and that statement is screw you Steve Yzerman.
  • The Rangers have the stick control of an 87 year old man.
  • Bouillon giveth, Bouillon taketh away.
  • Thomas Vanek is showing all the intensity of a frozen trout. Speaking of which, I hear there's great fishing in Minnesota.
  • It's a shame there's no Game of Thrones episode tonight, because I would love to watch something a little more uplifting than this game.
  • Subban is a cyborg from the future sent back to punish all hockey pucks.
  • Brad Richards was pissed that the referee caught him giving Weise a slew foot. Poor Brad. Maybe don't slew foot him next time.  He should ask Subban how to slew foot and get away with it. ;)
  • The CBC usually shots a radar gun reading of most shots, but not when Gionta shoots, because the puck has to be travelling over 20 km/h to register.
  • It's just about time to sprinkle some magic dust on Briere and let him clutch it up.
  • I swear to Maurice Richard that Galchenyuk shot went in.
  • Damn, I was wrong. I am sorry Maurice. I will say 9 Hail Rockets to amend for my sins.
  • Vanek is getting PP time in overtime, because clearly he deserves it. Galchenyuk on the other hand probably couldn't produce with a little more open ice. RIGHT MICHEL?
  • The great news is that Montreal wasn't scored on during their overtime power play. I'd say that's mission accomplished.
  • Well, tabarnacle.  Damn it Emelin.