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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: We now have a series!

Habs spent about zero minutes in Lundqvist's kitchen tonight, and it turned into a win. This one is thanks to a young man named Dustin Tokarski. Alex Galchenyuk is your overtime hero, and boys and girls: Things just got interesting!

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

I followed all of my superstitions to the letter today and left the rest up to the Habs.

  • The dissection of the decision to play Tokarski on the CBC pre-game show seems so tired considering we've already discussed and embraced it over the past 24 hours.
  • God bless Scott Oake for reminding Rick Nash that Rangers fans booed them out of their own building these playoffs.
  • P.J. Stock thinks Therrien made the wrong choice going with Tokarski. WE'RE GONNA WIN! WE'RE GONNA WIN!
  • Tokarski, by the way, is such a Bublé that it's distracting.
  • Weird to see Lundqvist bouncing around like a jumping bean during the anthem in contrast to when Carey would stand as still as a statue
  • Carey. Remember when Carey played?
  • Prust's late hit on Stepan in the first was ... not good. Stepan leaving the ice in an angry fit, so he's fine, reminiscent of Shawn Thornton's furious exit in the last round.
  • Dorsett and Prust got into a fight. Dorsett looks like he goes to the same hairdresser as Drew Doughty, or at least stands next to the same deep fryer all day
  • Carcillo is stupid, which is awesome
  • Stepan is back and totally fine as predicted, just as Thornton was, and looking for revenge on Alexei Emelin, so
  • Tokarski looking totally solid on some quality chances by the Rangers
  • Pouliot also had a solid chance and embarrassed himself. This pleases me
  • Flub by P.K. results in a crummy Rangers goal. Definitely not Tokarski's fault. Everything is horrible
  • Tokarski is standing on his head, even at 1-0 for the bad guys. How about this, Habs: take it to the Rangers' zone, and SHOOT. You might SCORE.
  • Pacioretty is trying everything.
  • Spent the entire last minute of the period in that end. That's better.
  • I don't watch Don Cherry because I trained my dog to have bowel movements during Coach's Corner, BRB
  • I'm back. Apparently Cherry wore a Habs tie. I'm astonished it didn't burn his head right off his neck. I mean, not that I'm encouraging that scenario or anything.
  • Start of the second and the Rangers continue to dominate possession and MARKOV SCORED! The General!
  • Tokarski is making outta sight saves. OUTTA SIGHT. (Check the 1969 Urban Dictionary for that one, kids)
  • For whatever the reason, Therrien playing patty-cake on Weaver and Beaulieu's backs makes me smile.
  • Gallagher with a legit, awesome chance on Lundqvist disturbed my neighbours
  • A perfectly healthy Stepan got a penalty!
  • Can we get a goddamned goal on this power play. Please (it's called manners)
  • Do the Habs get to have their iPhones at the bench so they can Google "power play" because it couldn't hurt
  • Twitter says Game of Thrones is getting played on the organ. Should I watch that show?
  • Kreider has an interesting habit of running into goalies. The most of anyone in these playoffs, I'd wager.
  • Weak interference call on Gallgaher, and Rangers were back on the power play. Which bore no fruit.
  • All the Rangers' rushes are being thwarted, which is great, but the Habs need to get some of those too
  • Crap call on Gallagher again to end the period after McDonagh whacks away at him, the Rangers will commence the third with the man advantage.
  • At intermission P.J. Stock is making it sound like it was his idea to put Tokarski in the net, why am I surprised.
  • Third period, and the Gallagher penalty didn't result in a Rangers goal, which is just. That's all, it's just.
  • However, the Habs' giveaways abound early. Can everybody simmer down?
  • Gallagher gets his helmet ripped off and continues to play, tresses billowing in the breeze. Nothing that ever happens to Gallagher will ever get called.
  • Pouliot gets another sterling opportunity that results in bupkes (which autocorrect wants to call "burkas")
  • I wish Pacioretty was miked. It looks like the ref just told him the best joke ever.
  • It is really very frustrating how the Habs cannot seem to stay in the Rangers' zone. If not for Tokarski, this game is incredibly different.
  • Trying very hard to un-see that Rangers' fan dance in the stands just now. My. Eyes.
  • Also in the Habs who are trying tonight department: Gallagher. Well, he tries every single night
  • Vanek had a shot!
  • Weise just got absolutely robbed by Lundqvist. I've had it with the frenetic play this entire game.
  • Daniel Briere, Mr. Playoffs his own fine self, just scored on a crazy flurry around Lundqvist to take the LEAD, ladies and gentlemen!
  • P.S. I was in the middle of eating, and choked on my pork chop. Totally worth it.
  • Vanek was all up in that flurry, BTW.
  • Lundqvist is pulled and the Rangers try everything to get the puck past Tokarski. It doesn't work. And can time just race off the clock please now, now now.
  • St-Louis tries what he is probably sure is the tie goal. DENIED by Tokarski.
  • They keep trying everything, and it eventually works. A deflection off Emelin for the tie. By Kreider, to twist the knife in the wound. The look on Tokarski's face is heartbreaking.
  • Well, I did call an overtime earlier today. This is obviously all my fault.
  • I simultaneously want to throw up, and number one and number two as we wait for the OT. What's that called?
  • Oh yeah. Playoffs.
  • GALCHENYUK!!!!!!!! GALCHENYUK!!!!!! HABS WIN HABS WIN! It took a minute. A MINUTE!!!!!
  • There is a god!
  • Just kidding.
  • The HNIC commentators are nearly as depressed as the TSN trade deadline panel was when we got Vanek. This is so delicious.
  • Tokarski, Tokarski, Tokarski! This is what the Rangers will be muttering as they go to sleep tonight, to the tune of, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
  • One last thanks to P.J. Stock. Thank you, P.J.!

That's it, kids. The series will go back to Montreal next Tuesday. And you know what? It seems pretty goddamned fair to me.


Markov's goal

Briere's  goal