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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Bleu Blanc and Ugh Edition

Habs lose 3-1 and there isn't enough alcohol in the world to make it better.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

-NBC said Chris Kreider roughly 3.5 billion times before puck drop and it made me contemplate shoving a pen into my eardrum.

-Ryan McDonagh/Scott Gomez reference everyone drink!

-And then sob quietly.

-I beg of you HNIC/NBC please stop exploiting the passing of Martin St. Louis's's getting beyond sad now.

-Pleky has been blessed...his turtleneck is now even more sacred.

-Brendan Gallagher is in the net to the surprise of absolutely no one.

-Four and a half minutes before Dustin Tokarski faced a shot against and it was a beauty on St. Louis.

-PACIORETTY SCORED A GOAL afwqrewtqwrrewgfer

-Seriously how big is it to score the opening goal after a Game 1 drubbing?

-McDonagh scoring against the Habs because the hockey gods are cruel assholes.

-Off of Josh Gorges arse and in...rough start for the Tick.

-We have a powerpl...and it's over thanks to Thomas Vanek.

-Hey let's leave Rick Nash open!

-Hey look it turned into a goal for the Rangers!

-Best period the Habs have played in the post season and naturally they're down by a goal



-Come on P.K. you gotta be smarter than that.

-Holy mother of god refs

-Powerplay goal after a call that's softer than Ovechkin on the back check.

-That powerplay for the Habs sucked more than a lady with questionable morals and little money.

-The "Random Red Couch" Mcd's commercial becomes roughly 1 billion times more annoying when the Habs are losing.

-Mike Milbury and Keith Jones called Subban dumb and Alex Galchenyuk a grinder...these men are paid to talk about hockey remember.

-P.K. Subban came out in the 3rd period in classic Subban God mode dangling and skating through the entire Rangers side.

-Any other Rangers players want to fall on Tokarski?

-Despite being out with a knee injury Galcheyuk may have been the most dynamic player on the ice all night for the Canadiens which is a great sign.

-Martin St. Louis stole the puck from Alexei Emelin and NBC celebrated it like it was a difficult task or something.

-Benoit Pouliot put more effort into boarding Emelin than he did in his entire Montreal career.

-Therrien pulled a Patrick Roy and pulled Ticker with nearly five minutes left in the game.

-Using just the eye test tonight the Habs seemingly dominated the entire game outside of three unfortunate goals.

-Tokarski was solid as we all could have hoped but all the luck Carey Price had against the Bruins evaporated quicker than crack rocks at Rob Ford's house.

-I could write a ton more but I'll have Sandor Cleganne give my thoughts



The Lone Highlight of the Night: