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Monday Habs Links: Carey Price's status uncertain

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Montreal Canadiens Links

First off, apologies are in order because I was supposed to write the recap for Saturday afternoon's implosion but instead, I went and saw Godzilla. Let's be honest, no one wants to read any more about that game anyway. Screw it forever, let's forget about it.

Speaking of that game, it's very possible that the Canadiens could be without Carey Price tonight for game two.

After refusing to admit that Price was hurt post game on Saturday, Therrien admitted that his goaltender was hurt, but wouldn't go into detail on the severity, saying he couldn't confirm whether Price would play in game two.

How bad were the Canadiens in game one? Their execution was abysmal, and Chris Boucher breaks it down.

Have no fear though, Olivier Bouchard crunched the numbers and thinks the Habs should win this series in six games.

Chris Kreider crashing into Carey Price is being picked apart like the Zapruder film right now. I maintain that Kreider crashed into Price on purpose, or at least made zero attempt to avoid him, but it was no different than the crease crashing that happens five times per game. Your thoughts?

There are rumours out there that Price is done for the playoffs. Personally, I doubt he continues to play the rest of the second period with torn ligaments in his knee.

On the other hand, sources close to Price have told Darren Dreger that Price is going to play. Clarity on this would be nice.

Everyone loves Brandon Prust, but when he's taking stupid penalties like he did in game one, and saying dumb stuff like this, he's off his game, and he's going to do something stupid. If anyone is being scratched in favour of Galchenyuk, I hope it's him.

Around the NHL

James Mirtle mentions that other series that's going on, and talks about the current power struggle in Pittsburgh.

Friedman's always fantastic 30 thoughts are out for this week, pay special attention to numbers 28 and 29.

Speaking of star players going down, Alex Ovechkin was apparently seriously injured at the World Hockey Championships in Belarus, yet another reason that tournament is a punchline. Complete coverage of that incident ironically brought to you by Russian Machine Never Breaks.

After the Kings defeated the Ducksthere was a touching moment as the fans and both teams saluted Teemu Selanne.