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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Rangers Embarrass Habs

Rangers open up the Conference finals using speed to beat the Habs at their own game. New York scored 5 straight goals chasing Price from the net after two periods of play. The Canadiens look to rebound in Game 2 in Montreal on Monday.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • Here's what I'm thinking as HNIC's broadcast begins on CBC. Mike Weaver – solid dude. My new shower curtain that I bought this morning looks great. The Habs might be a little slow-footed to start, but they're not gonna roll over for the Rangers.
  • What I love about the playoffs at the point of the conference finals are the character stories. Who would’ve thought when the Habs acquired Dale Weise that he’d be the subject of so much media attention and I don't just mean the Lucic incident. It's well-deserved. The little interview HNIC ran to start the game was great.
  • I’m tired of the Lucic issue. Final word: Habs are still playing past the midpoint in May, the Bruins aren’t.
  • There is nothing that feels odder than a Coldplay song serving as sports anthem. Whatever happened to Jock Jams? I actually just wish a team would adopt Rise Above by Black Flag as their anthem/entrance music.
  • The rinkside promo that Don Cherry did tonight reminded me of this - possibly the most bizarre, confusing, and possibly homophobic rinkside Don Cherry appearance ever.
  • Former US Attorney General Ginette Reno was awesome tonight. Felt like HNIC/CBC cut away from her bench high fiving a little too early. Did she high five Price? (After the fact note: Did this curse the Habs?)
  • On my terrible tv, if I squint, the Rangers look like the Miracle on Ice team.
  • Where’d Brassard go? And then he never came back. He was 100% on faceoffs though.
  • We’ve talked about it time and time again on twitter – I think Robert Rice being the most vocal – How does being out there without a stick help? Not hanging it on Bournival, he’s been great, but I’m not sure if staying out there without a stick improves goal prevention.
  • Nice dangles on PK in the first immediately following the St Louis goal.
  • That first period was unbearable at times. Little did I know the second and third periods would be much worse.
  • I was worried about Nash waking up, now we have to worry about the Habs not waking up.
  • Who picked Zuccarello to be the Rangers leading point getter in the regular season?
  • It scares me when goalies come out that far to play the puck.
  • Someone needs to tell the Canadiens that Brian Boyle eats orphan babies in his spare time, so they can work up some hatred for this game.
  • Another no stick situation for the Canadiens and then another well timed penalty for former Conn Smythe contender Rene Bourque
  • Don Cherry’s pro Popeye agenda has been clear since the beginning
  • The Canadiens ended the first on what could be considered a little victory – killing two Bourque penalties that occurred within 30 seconds of each other. Then they opened the second period looking as lackluster as they had to start the first.
  • For a second there did you think Peter Budaj and Tokarksi were going to be our tandem going forward?
  • A little more jump from Habs after the Price-Kreider collision, but it seemed unfocused.
  • Bourque. Not a pretty goal, but a goal and one that Bourque needed
  • And then the Bell Centre erupts
  • Habs got lucky to escape that too many men situation without getting noticed. But who cares? It didn't matter.
  • That Pacioretty/Gallagher team-up right after the penalty against NYR was called was nice. It didn’t go anywhere, but it was pretty to watch.
  • How did this game go so bad so fast?
  • 2 Rangers goals with just over a minute left to play in the second 50 seconds apart. Oh boy.
  • Budaj comes in for the third. Good move. Good chance to sit, rest, and regroup for Game 2.
  • So Murray next game?
  • EEEE Budaj is rusty.
  • I feel like I was able to ignore the presence of Ryan McDonagh for the last two years. But now here’s that Gomez trade coming back to haunt us. At least Michael Busto has been an underrated piece for the Habs. What’s Valentenko up to?
  • This Prust stuff is kind of bullshitty. I don’t like it. The sooner Galchenyuk can come back and take his spot, the better.
  • So will the Rangers make it to 8 goals? And as I wrote that, the 7th goal slipped by Budaj, so my guess is yes.
  • Starting to see some empty seats in the Bell Centre lower bowl. What, don’t these fans think the Canadiens can come back?
  • Eller’s face after the goal is the look of a man who knows this game is still completely unwinnable
  • It never made it to 8 goals. I am so relieved.
  • I feel like I stopped being aware of anything in the last 2 minutes of that period. I was just shell shocked.
  • Rangers 7-2!
  • EOTP 3 Stars: Lars Eller, Rene Bourque, PK Subban in whatever order you want. Or no one. No one as a star works well too.