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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: One final showdown

The Canadiens force a Game 7 in Boston with a dominant, 4-0 win over the Bruins and a Carey Price shutout.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto
  • Exhale, stretch, shake it out.
  • What. A. Win. This was by far the best game the Habs have played in this series, even if it didn't seem like it for parts of it.
  • Everybody had seven games. I can't think of anyone who predicted any less. Now we're getting it, whether we wanted it or not. A 50-50 shot at the Eastern Conference final, and sending the Bruins home early. Go Habs.
  • That first goal by Lars Eller was terribly unlucky for Tuukka Rask. Not that I'm complaining, but the Habs scored two goals thanks to Kevan Miller being not simply useless, but in the way of his own goaltender.
  • Zdeno Chara was terrible. Max Pacioretty took advantage. I hope his future in Montreal is secure!
  • The monkey on Max Pacioretty's back all along has been Zdeno Chara, and you can't convince me that Pacioretty has been playing badly at all. He's just being neutralized.
  • David Desharnais and his non-glove save on that Milan Lucic shot was spectacular. I'm going to watch gifs of it all night.
  • Nathan Beaulieu over Douglas Murray forever. Why did it take so long? He proved himself worthy of  a shot. You know, a shot three games ago.
  • Also, Daniel Briere over Travis Moen was a smart move, but it would have been a smarter one if the next step was Moen over Clearly Hurt Brandon Prust.
  • The officiating in this series is inexplicable.
  • Also inexplicable: what happened at the end of the game. Pretty sure that was a nut shot by Andrei Markov on Zdeno Chara, and Jarome Iginla going after Mike Weaver (or anybody) is just ridiculous.
  • The Habs fans at the Bell Centre singing Na-na-na-na get on my nerves. Also, throwing things onto the ice, what the hell was that? I know we're known for our passion but that was ridiculous.
  • One more game. Well, one more game and then possibly some more. Do all of the superstitious things you did before this one, apples with peanut butter, sacrificing Bruins fans, sleeping in your Subban jersey, whatever. We get to do this one more time, and the Habs are capable of pulling out a series win.


Eller puts home the loose puck

Pacioretty wakes up

Vanek, Vidi, Vici

Empty net Vanek