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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: The beginning of the end?

The Bruins push the Habs to the brink of elimination with a 4-2 win, setting the stage for a high-stakes Game 6 at the Bell Centre on Monday.

Bruce Bennett

  • Well... that first period was terrible. So was much of the second. The third was no better, really. I mean, I don't know. I saw a lot of flashes of brilliance but it was all caked in crap.
  • The sky is not falling, but it is dangling precariously right now.
  • Why is it that the best game the Habs played this series has the worst result? [EDIT: This is a good example of why sometimes the so-called "eye test" doesn't work. I contradicted myself in my own TSM, two lines apart. The first line was obviously my emotions talking. And I don't care what anyone says, nobody who works in or covers hockey is a robot without feelings. In short, fancy stats to back up watching the game, forever and always.]
  • Tomas Plekanec made some stupid plays and took some stupid penalties and generally didn't have a great game, but that is uncharacteristic of him and I think we need to cut him some slack.
  • People who do not deserve some slack: Michel Therrien, Michel Therrien, Douglas Murray, Michel Therrien.
  • Like why would you... never mind.
  • Seriously, why... never mind.
  • The Boston Bruins are ruining my life. I'm pretty sure my hatred of them is unhealthy.
  • Milan Lucic flexing at P.K. Subban reminds me of Zdeno Chara just as he's about to eat a baby.
  • You can't prove I haven't actually seen that.
  • The next time media members ask Max Pacioretty why he isn't scoring, he should ask them what they think they'd be capable of doing while wearing Zdeno Chara.the whole time.
  • What is Thomas Vanek's excuse?
  • On the Shawn Thornton bottle thing: it's stupid, and he shouldn't have done it, but it's also stupid that the league is discussing (per Darren Dreger, at least) action. I don't think it deserves a fine, but they should probably call him and go, "look, don't be an idiot, idiot."
  • Watching P.K. Subban play hockey makes me believe there can be happiness in this world.
  • I want everyone to do all their superstitious things and try to invite as much good karma as possible before Monday. I am not ready for stories from locker room clear out day, and I am not ready for gloating Bruins fans. Do whatever you can, whatever it takes. If you see Douglas Murray, kidnap him and hide him in your basement. Pray to the hockey gods. Feed your kids apples with peanut butter. I know I'm drunk right now, but I think the Habs can do this, you guys. They can beat Boston. And even if I don't believe you and I can affect a hockey game, we should do all the things we do for Habs wins, because it's the playoffs, and that's what sports fans do, and we may only have one or two games to do it.
  • The only highlight I am posting is Subban's goal, because it's the only thing I love tonight other than wine. Go Habs.