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Thursday Habs Links: Round 2 begins tonight

Drunk fan brawls, Vanek news and angry Bruins media all inside your open thread for Thursday.

Jared Wickerham

Montreal Canadiens Links

As expected not much has changed for the Habs forward lines or defensive pairings ahead of their matchup against the Bruins.

Thomas Vanek's agent had some hopeful news for Habs fans saying Vanek may be "tempted to stay in Montreal" (French).

Our own Matt Drake wrote about the Canadiens and the Bruins and the definition of a rivalry.

So some Bruins fans are a bit ... Crazy.

David Krejci is already preparing excuses before the Habs/Bruins series. Don't worry the ice will be better this time Davey.

Joe Haggerty seems to be upset at us. Someone should explain how satire works to someone whose entire existence is one.

The "Black Aces" are enjoying their time with the Canadiens and talked about their experience.

For the love of Beliveau don't honk to celebrate a Habs win.

Around the NHL

John Tortorella needs to look for a job following a late night announcement by the Canucks.

The Masterton finalists were announced and features a former Hab and one almost Hab.

Guess what happens when you put drunk Rangers and Flyers fans together in a 5-2 blowout? Yup, a lot of stupidity.

Long time Flames play by play man Peter Maher has announced his retirement.

"Iron" Mike Keenan made history on Wednesday by becoming the first coach to win a Stanley Cup and the Gagarin Cup in the KHL.

The Rangers eliminated the Flyers in the first Game 7 of Wednesday night. Broad Street Hockey has the losing side's reaction.

A Rangers dudebro won a contest during Game 7, and he was pretty psyched.