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Canadiens vs Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Madness In The Madhouse

Habs get a crucial point in their attempt to secure home ice as they lose to the Blackhawks in overtime after a fantastic game.

Jonathan Daniel

  • Short Top Six tonight because the game was going on too fast for me to take notes / come up with funnies during it.
  • When they do part of the anthem in French, because the Habs are in town, an angel gets its wings.
  • It's really interesting when you have teams that aren't playing for their playoff lives and kiiiiinda have something to play for, but not really. Injured/resting stars, etc. This game was super entertaining, but probably not as fun for the coaches. Wide open ice, wide open play, lots of speed, lots of chances, lots of great saves.
  • Kinda defense optional, which is funny because I thought the defense tonight was an improvement. It could just be psychological, due to the absence of Murray.
  • There were two penalties in the entire game (both of which were taken by the Canadiens, of course). Who needs a bunch of PPs, anyway? Can every game be against the Blackhawks?
  • Corey Crawford's glove hand issues are a myth, but man oh man did I wish they were real tonight. After the second time he stoned Max Pacioretty, Patch gave him the deathliest glare. I was safe at home on my couch and I felt a chill from it.
  • Obviously a completely different game with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Teuvo Teravainen but also a completely different game with Andrei Markov in the lineup and Carey Price in goal.
  • During the intermission, Brandon Saad called this a "tight game" on TSN. I don't know what game he was playing, but it certainly wasn't the one we were watching.
  • The Ballad of Almost Bourque. I was gonna write one, but then I didn't. #AlmostLaura
  • Jeremy Morin is so fun.
  • P.K. Subban was not booed at the United Center, apparently. because Blackhawks fans aren't dumb babies.
  • That Alex Galchnyuk injury didn't seem too serious, given that he skated off just fine and we still can't figured out how it happened. AND HE WAS SEEN ON CRUTCHES AFTER THE GAME OH NO.
  • "WE ARE A GRINDING TEAM, ACCEPT IT." See what happens when you don't believe that bull?
  • The Blackhawks had not won in overtime all season before Peter Budaj scored an OT goal for them, by the way. I ain't even mad. It was just so funny. I'm still laughing.
  • Kickstarter to bribe the NHL to suspend Douglas Murray for the duration of the playoffs.
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets and the Detroit Red Wings clinced playoff spots tonight, which is pretty awesome. Way better than Toronto and Washington in the playoffs (sorry), for entertainment purposes at least.
  • Your EOTP three stars: third star was Corey Crawford's glove hand, second star was Marian Hossa's tying goal, and first star was Peter Budaj's own goal that gave Chicago their first OT win of the season.

Peter Budaj's own goal: Habs' first goal: Habs' second goal: