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Plekanec trolls Galchenyuk with a water bottle

The rookie hazing for Galchenyuk hasn't stopped yet, with Plekanec getting in on the act.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

After Alex Galchenyuk scored to give the Canadiens a two goal lead in the third period against the Detroit Red Wings, Tomas Plekanec thought it would be a good time to squirt Galchenyuk in the face with his water bottle. When Galchenyuk didn't react, Plekanec did it again.

The smile on Galchenyuk's face after he slapped the water bottle away is one of those moments where you just can't help but fall further in love with this team.


There are some problems with the Montreal Canadiens, but at the very least, they're getting to be a bit more fun to watch, and we know that the future is pretty bright, so long as no one drastically messes up.

Alex Galchenyuk has had a trying season, similar to Lars Eller in many ways, but the 20 year old soon-to-be center is still the highest scorer in his draft year. Not too shabby.