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Canadiens vs. Red Wings: Top six minutes: Habs blow a three goal lead, still win.

Clinging to playoff hopes, the Wings rolled into Montreal for somewhat of a similar story as the previous night, with a delicious twist.

  • I played a nice 18 hole round of golf with my dad this morning. I was in such a good mood despite not shooting very well on the front nine. A nice 7-4 win by the Habs can really set a good tone for the next day , fancy stats be damned.
  • Although, if Therrien benches Subban again I might have a mental breakdown and use my golf clubs for something other than throwing darts on all the par threes.
  • I'm watching you, Michel...
  • 7yq7h_medium
  • Our top line against their checkers to start? Yippeee! They get the first shot, though? Blast! That line is still awesome and everyone should know it.
  • Ryan White has some wheels, eh? And some hands, eh? Gifts one to Bournival on a beautiful rush. Gotta love Ryan White.
  • Obligatory bullet point about how Carey Price is a really, really, really good goalie.
  • Patch is a soft perimeter player. A soft perimeter player who blows past defenders and scores on breakaways. You can't explain that.
  • The Habs transitional play was phenomenal in the second period, constantly generating pressure on the rush. I was legitimately impressed.
  • Brian Gionta's 300th game and gets himself an insurance marker? Love it.
  • Obligatory bullet point about how Carey Price is still awesome and really hard to score on.
  • Obviously I called the Gionta goal insurance because we're not Ottawa and we don't blow three goal leads, right?
  • I'm apparently a complete idiot. What even happened??? A couple of penalties and Detroit erases a lead that took the Habs two periods to get... I still can't figure out how the hell they let that happen. I mean, I can, I just don't want to face reality.
  • I'm not even going to recap those goals, because I'm your last minute replacement tonight, I've not reached real-time top six writing, and I don't want to depress anyone. I'm depressed. They've officially ruined my good mood. Assholes.
  • BOURQUE? Really???
  • Scott Matla: "BOURQUE DID A THING..." "Actually might be a Gio goal"
  • It was a Gio goal, of course.
  • Unlike Ottawa, blowing a three goal lead wakes us up and we go hard, right boys?
  • PLEKANEC!! WAIT, CHUCKY!!! Wait... Disallowed goal of course.....Wait... IT COUNTS!!!
  • I totally thought that would get disallowed. Would probably have called for it if it was the other way, but I fully accept the goal.
  • The Habs went beast mode after the Therrien time out. I don't know if he said something but it was clearly the right time to call it. I have to give credit where credit is due.
  • Apparently the three goal lead is the new two goal lead. Worst lead you can ever have so you better make it four or just forfeit. Or, be the Habs. Either way.
  • Alexei Emelin? Great game. Got super physical on them and got them pissed off. Anyone else think he's rounding into form?
  • Max Pacioretty? Great game. He's definitely going to hit that milestone I refuse to say because I'm superstitious.
  • Carey Price? Just, great game.
  • The Ole chant late in the third was so well executed. Got me excited, guys. We're going to the playoffs.
  • A night after coming back from three goals to win 7-4, the Habs blow a three goal lead and win 5-3. They do this in two back to back games. This is a whole new level of awesomeness. With these two nights of pure entertainment I bet tomorrow's Game of Thrones will disappoint me.
  • Perhaps we can ride this wave of good fortune into the playoffs and do some damage. For now, let's relish two awesome back to back victories.
  • Time for the EOTP three stars of the night:
  • #3: masmullin for: "I sens a problem, we Ott to play better."
  • #2: Max An for: "Since when did the 3rd period become the Emelination round?"
  • #1 Kirn, in regards to Subban going to the dressing room: "Bet he gets benched for getting hurt."

Game Highlights:

Bournival scores an easy goal.

Pacioretty gets his 39th.

Gionta gives Montreal the three goal lead.

The Captain scores again. (That Eller pass!)

Galchenyuk bonus goal.