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Remember, the Bruins don't dive

In another edition of "Hypocrisy Today", Zdeno Chara reminds us all that the Bruins don't dive.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Not only does Zdeno Chara dive here, if you watch closely, he checks over his shoulder, and angles himself, stretching out, purposely catching Todd Bertuzza and forcing an interference call. Just a gutless action from the 6'9" mutant ape.

The hilarious irony of this is that Boston media has been crying all day today about the Habs diving, looking past Detroit to the second round, without any hint of self awareness. Of course Boston scored on the ensuing powerplay, because that's the way things break.

Hopefully this is a long, arduous series for the Bruins, full of dives and whining, maybe they'll get tired of it by the time they face the Habs, if they can manage to take care of what's in front of them, that is. Detroit is currently ahead 2-1, on pace to even up the series at 2-2.