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Canadiens vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Ride the Lightning Edition

It's a Metallica themed Top Six Minutes tonight to celebrate the sweep...rock on Habs fans!

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

-Before I get into all the Metallica jokes I have to say that no one does pre game intros and anthems like the Habs

-After allowing another early goal Anders Lindback could be heard singing the Low Mans Lyric

-Judging by that first penalty called Chris Lee had some Whisky in the Jar before the game started

-The Habs generated more scoring chances on the PK than the Bolts did on the PP and that's really just Overkill

-The Habs forecheck came out so strong to start this game that it gave the Bolts Whiplash

-After another weak goal against Lindback has requested to check into a Sanitarium

-Killorn must be Stone Cold Crazy trying to run Carey Price in the playoffs

-Don Cherry on TV? Well that's just Free Speech for the Dumb

-Stamkos tripped and then punched Alexei Emelin on his way to the penalty box...Talk about No Remorse eh?

-Apparently Francois St. Laurent likes to to leave Habs fans on The Frayed Ends of Sanity after blowing a goal call.

-That P.K. Subban is Some Kind of Monster

-Brendan Gallagher...someone must have given him a new Battery after taking a beating all season

-Tampa Bay with sustained pressure? No problem Enter Sandman aka Carey Price

-Two periods in the book and the Habs in full control Tampa is beginning to see their Cup hopes Fade to Black

-What Ron MacLean said during the intermission may make him one of The Unforgiven at CBC.

-Max Pacioretty has no luck in this series, he must have found a No Leaf Clover

-Habs blew a 3-1 lead it's Sad But True

-By the end of the game Gallagher will be Broken, Beaten, and Scarred and no he will not get a single call from the officials.

-If the Habs could score on just One of their breakaways I would be so happy.

-Cedric Paquette is the Hero of the Day with his terrible penalty that led to the GWG by Pacioretty.

-The Habs were out played in the third period but won so Nothing Else Matters.

-The Memory Remains of 2004 and it added Fuel to fire for the Habs sweep.

-One step closer to the Ecstasy of Gold and Lord Stanleys Cup

-For Steve Yzerman it's time to Turn the Page and Hit the Lights on this season.

-Tampa won the season series but I have to ask, Where's your crown King Nothing?

-Worth noting that the Master of Puppets Michel Therrien coached one hell of a series.

-Bring on the Bruins or the Red Wings...the Habs will Seek and Destroy anyone put in front of them.

Your Highlight of the Night

Max sends the Habs into Round Two: