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Canadiens vs Lightning Game 3 Top Six Minutes: There's no place like home

The Habs headed back to Montreal for game three on Easter Sunday. Having won home ice advantage with two road wins, the Habs were able to snatch a 3-0 stranglehold on the series.

Andre Ringuette

  • Yeeeeeaahhh WE HOME NOW
  • Queue the obnoxiously long playoff intro because playoffs and Montreal. Complete with 24 Cup banners, dubstep, a laser show, highlights projected on the ice, and the ceremonial lighting of the ice on fire by some cute kid in a Habs jersey. Not ashamed, I love it.
  • That Canadian National Anthem? Wow... Just wow. Montreal seems ready, let's see if the team is.
  • Berkshire asked for a quick goal. He got that, and some pretty relentless pressure. Habs playoffs hockey at it's finest.
  • Of course Barberio, a Montreal native will have his homecoming in the playoffs and do something. This time of the stupid variety. Be ok, Gio. Of course, he's back almost immediately I typed that.
  • I ragged on Therrien all year. I refuse to retract any statements I've made as part of numerous critical narratives, but the team I'm watching at this particular moment is extremely impressive and I am very happy with it. Carry on.
  • A scrum directly in the grill of Carey Price and he just stands there like he's bored. His blood somehow flows at sub-zero temperatures, or he celebrated something other than Easter today.
  • It is entirely possible that Rene Bourque is currently the Habs best player. Pretend I said that a month ago and laugh. It's pretty awesome.
  • Of course, the Habs dominate the second period, and a highly questionable call by the officials gives Tampa Bay the power plan, and a garbage goal. Even CBC disagreed with the call, so this ain't just bias.
  • Oh hey, a failed powerplay. And look! A weak call on P.K. Subban... This is a good game, refs. Stop trying to ruin it.
  • I take that back,  because they totally gave us a huge break on that no goal call. Deep breaths.
  • On a serious note, I really hope Steven Stamkos is alright. It was a freak accident, but he took Alexei Emelin's knee straight to the temple and looked wobbled. Sincere best wishes to him on behalf of Habs nation.
  • P.K. Subban touches puck. Crowd goes wild. P.K. Subban skates a circle around the entire Tampa team, feeds Brendan Gallagher... ET LE BUUUUUUUT.
  • When Subban touches the puck, it's pretty clear the entire Bell Centre is yelling for him to shooooooooot. But all he does is electrify, and then gift one to a teammate. That's about the most beauteous apple I've seen in some time.
  • CBC suggested that Carey Price going to the bench to get his skate fixed was a ruse to gain some breather time for his teammates. If it was, he's more of a genius than any of us even knew.
  • Going into the third up by a goal when it could be tied or a one goal deficit? I'll take that, even with the bad calls.
  • Stamkos back on the bench to start the third. I honestly hope he's ok and not taking serious risk here.
  • Tampa gaining some momentum from the return of their captain, teams trading chances. My nerves, man. There is nothing more stressful for me than Habs playoff games.
  • Tumblr_mea8h3mhhg1qd252so1_500_medium
  • I think I need therapy, because the emotional highs and lows I'm having while watching the team play as well as they are seem far too intense.
  • Two goal lead: worst lead in hockey. Everybody knows it, including Tampa apparently, and we're back to a one goal lead that is all but certain and I hate everything.
  • Rene Bourque for Conn Smythe?
  • Seriously, he was everywhere in this game. I do not recognize this player so far in these playoffs. Does anyone?
  • Is there anything more nerve racking than the final two minutes of a Habs playoff game, with a one goal lead? I think not.
  • Price making saves, Tomas Plekanc being his usual excellent defensive self. Mere seconds remain and I'm near cardiac arrest.
  • The relief of that game clock hitting 0:00 is something I suspect only a fellow Habs fan could understand.
  • Well now that the stress is gone...
  • 89vub_medium
  • EOTP three stars of the night: Rene Bourque, Rene Bourque, Rene Bourque. He deserves recognition for showing up in crunch time.


Bork puts the Habs up 11 seconds in.

Gallagher finishes off the beautiful play by Subban

Doesn't Matter, Had Pleks