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Canadiens vs Lightning Game 1. Top Six Minutes: Weise with the winner, advantage Montreal

The defense was optional. The goaltending was optional. The game was insane. Dale Weise scored towards the very end of the first overtime period to give the Habs a 1-0 series lead.

Mike Carlson

  • Are you all alive? I'm going to need a headcount.
  • Throughout the entire game, I kept thinking, "Can this be?"
  • Can it be that the Habs were dominating in possession?
  • Can it be that Carey Price was not being bombarded with shots?
  • (Can it be that he had a terrible game when everyone said he was the only chance the Habs had?)
  • Can it be that Lars Eller was allowed to play, and having a wonderful game for it?
  • Can it be that P.K. Subban was sighted playing the penalty kill?
  • Can it be that the Habs scored a shorthanded goal?
  • Can it be that Lars Eller scored a goal? When the Eller-Bourque-Gionta line was the only one getting killed at even strength all game?
  • Can it be that the Habs were not just dominating, but absolutely crushing the Lightning in possession?
  • Can it be that Francis Boullion was one of the best defensemen on the ice? Instead of getting caught causing chances or goals against, he was saving them?
  • Can it be that Dale Weise scored the game winner? On his first ever playoff goal?
  • Can this be?
  • Who the hell was this team?
  • Who the hell was this coach?
  • Things that were not surprising: The Habs power play is still atrocious. Steven Stamkos scored multiple beautiful goals. Plekanec had a fantastic game. Daniel Briere played an excellent game. Brendan Gallagher played exactly like we all wanted and expected him to. Thomas Vanek does extremely wondrous things with his stick. Yes I said that, and I'm leaving it there. CBC was stupid and did not put Bob Cole on this series.
  • Some more notes:
  • Jon Cooper is not an idiot. There will be plenty of video, plenty of adjustments. Tampa Bay will play much better in the second game. Let's hope the Habs are ready.
  • What happened to Ondrej Palat?
  • Please fix the power play, somebody, anybody?
  • Carey Price will not have a game that bad.
  • P.K. Subban needs to stop trying to win the game and go back to being P.K. Subban. But man does he make hockey look easy.
  • Josh Gorges saving that goal is the hockey gods making up for at least two things from last year's Ottawa series.
  • EOTP three stars: I can't breathe.
  • Here's your winner: