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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Captain Clutch

A seemingly quiet game turned into a barnburner and finished with a Brian Gionta overtime penalty shot goal.

Richard Wolowicz

  • Bob Cole is a national treasure.
  • Eight minutes in, Max Pacioretty almost gets his 40th. You could hear the crowd freak out. And so goes the game, the Habs trying to get Pacioretty his 40th.
  • Trying to get one guy to score his 40th is not a good team strategy, Habs.
  • Carey Price, super sharp. I know, you're all shocked. That save on Rick Nash, tho.
  • If Carey Price doesn't get a Hart nomination I will set fire to a thing. I don't know what thing yet, but I'll do it, I swear.
  • Hahaha P.K. Subban avoiding that fight. Brilliant. Nice of Francis Boullion to step in and take himself off the ice for five minutes.
  • Why is the Habs power play so baaaaaaaad lately? The second one was less soul-killing, at least.
  • The second period was so much better than the first, and then the third was a vast improvement upon that. A little crazy, for a 0-0 game.
  • That call on Carl Hagelin was so stupid.
  • On the ensuing power play, Bob Cole was even talking about "wasting time" because the Habs were trying to get Pacioretty a goal. I mean, come on.
  • Brian Gionta OT penalty shot. How dramatic. Incredible finish to a season.
  • (...And the part of Hilary Knight will be played by Raphael Diaz for this evening...)
  • Can we trade coaches with this team?
  • I don't know if the last few games can be any kind of indication about how the playoffs are going to go. When the Habs were saying things like "it's an important game" re Tampa or "home ice is crucial" or whatever, you could tell they were just giving us some dumb narratives. They made the playoffs, and took their feet of the gas pedal, with occasional bursts of excitement, and that's basically all there is to it. The playoffs are a new season.
  • Your EOTP three stars: All of you, all year, for reading and supporting EOTP.
  • Thank you all for reading the Top Six Minutes this season. On to PLAYOFF TSMs, which will hopefully be happy ones. This season has been a tough one, playoff qualification notwithstanding. Hopefully the postseason will be more fun.
  • Here is your OT winner highlight: