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Canadiens vs Islanders Top Six Minutes: Habs blanked

The Habs were apparently stranded in Chicago and could not make it to the Bell Centre in time for tonight's game, in which the Bridgeport Sound Tigers won 2-0 with the help of three New York Islanders.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

  • Good job, good effort on that start, Habs. They got hemmed into their zone by the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. The Fenwick chart was appalling.
  • It did not improve.
  • George Parros has had two concussions this season and why is he fighting why why why why. I bet it was some dumb honour thing where Brett Gallant needed to justify his spot in the lineup (which had ten other rookies in it, by the way) and Parros obliged or something. Grrr
  • Douglas Murray with another dumb hit his first game back from suspension. Maybe he knows he's bad and is trying to get suspended on purpose so the team has a chance. Seriously, whatever that was wasn't great.
  • My latest pet peeve is people complaining to me on Twitter about my complaining about the Habs on Twitter. This game is exactly why. This was a winnable game against a team playing 11 rookies, but the Habs were all, "eh, who cares?" about it. Good teams have bad nights, sure, but good teams also have a killer instinct. San Jose would have potted six goals by the end of the second. I will continue to complain until this team stops doing stupid things. The playoffs start less than a week from now, they can't even bring themselves to try.
  • Almost Bourque would be a terrible drinking game because you'd die by his third shift.
  • Re-Sign Mike Weaver.
  • No P.K. Subban on the 4-on-3 is certifiable.
  • Whoever that guy was whistling at the Bell Centre should get a lifetime ban.
  • You know who had a great game? Travis Hamonic. You know who he doesn't play for? The Canadiens.
  • Let's talk about our Ryan Strome feelings.
  • Daniel Briere was all effort and sadly no results tonight, but hey, he tried. Silver lining, right?
  • Carey Price was good, as usual. Stupid Habs.
  • Never count on the Flyers to do anything you need them to do. Blergh.
  • This game was so bad most of you abandoned the threads by the third period. Here are EOTP's three stars: Anyone who stuck around for the whole game.
  • Have a Carey Price save: